New Faces

As our business grows, our family grows with it. We have added some new hands to our team this summer and thought that we should let you get to know some of them. Two of our newest family members are Val and Hannah. They have been with us for a little over four weeks and both have been fitting in very nicely.


Val is always a great person to have around in the mornings. Her bright personality keeps us awake when we feel like drinking three pots of coffee. She is well educated with an associates degree in baking and pasty art from Baker College. Making the crust is her specialty, so if the crust is your favorite part of our quiche make sure to tell her!


What Val loves most about working here at Bakewell is that the work environment is very different that what she has experienced with past employers. She likes that the Bakewell kitchen has a very relaxed atmosphere where she can work at her own pace. When she’s not here working, she loves to line dance. She also loves to bake with some of her own secret recipes. Painting is another thing she loves to do is paint.           fullsizeoutput_715


Hannah comes in every morning ready to go with some sort of tea in hand. Everyday look a little different for her because she does a little bit of everything here at Bakewell. Though our social media is her focus, she also helps in the kitchen, goes to the South Haven market on Saturday’s, and helps with whatever needs to get done.


Her favorite thing about working with us here at Bakewell is that everyone always eats lunch together. Even though the workday is hectic, everyone is together for at least a half  hour each day. When she’s not here, she studies communications at Western Michigan University. She also loves to travel and spend time reading next to her best feline friend, Theodore.



We Are Back!

The summer market season is here; yay! We have been working hard in the kitchen all winter to create more options to suit your needs. If you have been to our first couple of markets this year, you might have heard about our new petit and soufflé options.

Petit is now our smallest size available for purchase and great for serving one person. They are perfect for when your family can’t decide on a flavor, or to give as a gift to someone special. They are also nice for trying that flavor you have been eyeing since last summer. You can purchase these as singles or you can pick and choose 5 different ones for a special deal. These sell fast, so make sure you get to your favorite market early to get all of the flavors that you want.


Here are three of our petit sizes on a tea plate. So small and cute!

If you are the type of person who trims the crust off of their PB&J sandwiches, our soufflé quiche is perfect for you. We all know the filling is the best part, so we created an option that is baked in a disposable pan. The disposable pan acts as a crust to provide support for the delicious egg filling while baking. Though this option is sans crust, they are not gluten free. This option is “gluten friendly”, which means that we do not add any ingredients to the quiche that contains gluten. These only come in the small or large sizes so they are great to share or keep for leftovers.


Shown here is a large and small of our yummy soufflé quiche.

The petit and soufflé style quiche is available in all of our options at our kitchen, but we will only be featuring certain flavors at our markets. Heating instructions are the same for these; just thaw in the fridge and pop them in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees. Next time you see us at the market, ask us what flavors we have available in petit and soufflé. See you soon!


Our New Source for Salmon

Salmon with Cream Cheese and Fresh Dill is one of our fan favorite flavors… most people that bring it up say something like, “WOW! I like your quiche, but your Salmon quiche is my absolute favorite!”

This year, we’re very excited because we are partnering with Shoreline Wild Salmon for our salmon. Shoreline’s salmon is line-caught in Alaska and flown out within 24 hours straight to Michigan. Marie Rose is a co-owner of the company and splits her time between fishing in Alaska and selling at Michigan farmer’s markets on the east side of the state.

Marie grew up in Battle Creek and has been in to visit our kitchen at Bakewell. We are proud to support this local – and Alaskan! – small business with an amazing and sustainably-fished product. It’s always our goal to work with other small businesses to source as many of our ingredients as possible, from veggies to cheese to salmon!

Be sure to check out the Shoreline Wild Salmon website to see how you can get your own delicious salmon, which you can get either frozen or smoked. This is a unique and exciting business and we’re thrilled to be working with Marie.

You can find Salmon with Cream Cheese and Fresh Dill quiche from the Bakewell Company at one of our Saturday markets. Want to order ahead to make sure you get what you are looking for? Our phone number is (269) 459-8030.

The Very Beginning

bakewell Crew

Our crew at the end of the 2016 season

Erin here, it’s my turn to write about Bakewell today. As most of you know, these days the Bakewell Company is at several markets on Saturdays and a few during the week. It takes a whole crew of people who cook, package, take orders,pack up for markets, and set up and sell. We have a system of operating that has developed over the years and every once in a while I think about the very first time I took the quiche to market.  Sometime in the summer of 2009 my mom suggested I bring a few quiche to market and see if they would sell. I wish I could remember why it was quiche that she suggested. I had developed my own little quiche recipe at that point, based off the quiche I learned how to make while working in a pastry kitchen in Scotland. I dreamed of having my own cake bakery and my mom suggested that maybe a good way to get started would be to try to sell my baked goods at the farmer’s market. Quiche was a good way to use the meat and eggs that they were raising on their farm so I gave it a try.

The night before the market I made about a dozen quiche, using the same metal rings that we still use for our quiche now. I think I made three flavors: Broccoli and Cheddar, Sausage and Potato, and Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper, Parmesan, and Artichokes. The next morning on the way to the market I stopped at Meijer and bought a toaster oven for samples and some paper plates and napkins. I put the quiche out on a table in my parents’ market booth and stuck one in the toaster oven for samples. I started offering samples to everyone who stopped and people bought them!

early quiche

This is the earliest photo I could find of our quiche at the market. Sharing a booth with Pleasant Hill Farm at the Springfield Farmer’s Market in 2011.

I’m so thankful for those first customers who gave my business a start and for everyone else over the years at each new market that we go to. I’m thankful that it is not just me making quiche these days, but it’s done by all our wonderful Bakewell people who also love making and selling good food.

Erin at SH

This is me at the South Haven Farmer’s Market in 2014, which was our first summer there. One of our long-time customers took this photo and sent it to me.


The Kitchen Crew

Its hard to believe its the middle of June already! Time for beach days, baseball games, and farmers markets. As summer kicks into full gear, our kitchen crew is working hard to keep up with it.

We have the privilege of working in our own building that was renovated for us (from what used to be a plumbing company). This allowed us to set up the kitchen to maximize our workflow. We get to rearrange it to fit in new equipment and try new ideas!

We wouldn’t be able to make all this wonderful quiche without our kitchen crew. They begin by prepping everything from veggies and cheese, cooking and slicing the meat, and making the crust dough and the egg mixture. Then its onto assembling the quiche, filling with the egg mix, and baking them. After they have cooled off, they take the quiche out of the rings, wash oodles of dishes and pans, and clean the kitchen to a spotless and sparkling shine.

We weren’t able to get Vanessa and Lisa in the pictures, but they are two more hard workers! All those smiling faces are the little bits of dedication that make up our delicious final products. When you enjoy what you do, you can taste it in the food. We definitely enjoy what we do and we hope you enjoy it too!

All About Chorizo


One of our perennial crowd-pleaser quiche flavors is back this week: Chorizo Sausage with Corn Cake, Poblano Peppers, and Queso. Yum. This is a personal favorite of mine as I absolutely love the savory flavor of the chorizo.

That begs the question… what is chorizo, anyway?! Chorizo is a type of Spanish pork sausage that is flavored with smoked paprika – which gives it a deep red color. It can be quite spicy, depending on where you get it from. In our quiche, it’s not super spicy but it packs a super flavorful punch. Along with the Jalapeno Popper quiche, the Chorizo flavor is often quite popular with our masculine fans!

Speaking of some masculine guys, we are fortunate enough to source our chorizo from one of our fellow market vendors, Youz Guyz Sausage Co.


Located near the Bakewell Company in Portage, Youz Guyz crafts absolutely delicious sausages with specialty flavors. Their motto is “Average is Over!” and we definitely agree. Youz Guyz carries beef, pork, and chicken sausages and you can find them at their shop on Portage Road, or at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market. (They also serve lunch Tuesday – Friday!)

Of course, if you’re looking for their chorizo in a fantastic quiche… look no further. This flavor is packed with chorizo sausage, handmade corn cake, poblano peppers (a type of fairly mild chili), and of course, what would such a quiche be without a little queso?

Look for the Chorizo with Corn Cake, Poblano Peppers, and Queso this week at the following markets:

Rolling Along

One of the questions that we are frequently asked is, “How many quiche do you make in a week?” Last week, our kitchen crew made over 1,600 quiche! Small, medium, or large, all these quiche are hand made from the crust up.

Whether we’re filling quiche with veggies or meats (and eggs and cheese, of course) we  make sure all our favorite flavors are there to make the magic happen. You know we love putting as many fresh ingredients in our products as possible. Meats, veggies, even some cheese are bought locally and prepped to make the best eating experience. But let’s put aside our filling ingredients for just a moment.

What is the one thing all our quiche flavors have in common?

You guessed it!  The same flaky, buttery, delicious crust. We make our crust dough in large batches, portion it out, and then start rolling.  Shown here are a few steps to the official Bakewell rolling process:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This is how our crusts are prepared and rolled, ready to be assembled, filled, and baked – about 400 of them each day. Can you imagine if we did all 1,600 in one day? Whew, we’d be pretty crusty by the end of the day! This crucial part of our process takes a good chunk of our day. We are very thankful for the many talented hands that help make this job roll by!

You can watch our video of this process on Facebook!